2014 Season

2013 Season


Directed by David Burton & Emily Burton

Ubu Roi

Directed by Dash Kruk

Girls on Film

Facilitated by Jenny Bismire

2012 Season 

Of Little Matter

Directed by David Morton

Iphigenia 2.0

Directed by David Sleswick

Sweetest Things

Directed by Catarina Hebbard

Fresh Blood

Reactor by Mitchel Chamberlain

Crave: A Takeaway Show by Ruby Donohoe & Sonia Kwek

2011 Season


Directed by Matt Delbridge

A Practical User's Guide to the Afterlife

Directed by Drew der Kinderen

Oh, The Humanity!

Directed by Travis Dowling

Fresh Blood

Ruby Leaves by Lewis Treston

Nothing Mattress by Jennifer Bismire

2010 Season


Devised by the Breadbeard Collective & Lucas Stibbard

Dystopian Dreams

Facilitated by Melanie Wild

2009 Season

When You Fell Off

Facilitated by Vogelpoel

Like, Dead.

Directed by Hayley Milner

2008 Season

Antigone: Queen of the Desert

Directed by Liz Skitch


Collaborated by Anna Yen, QUT & Amnesty International Australia


Directed by Benjamin Knapton

No Exit

Directed by Michelle Mial

2007 Season

The Caretaker

Directed by Shane Jones

Gone to Earth

Directed by Margi Brown Ash

20 Something

Co-facilitated by John Saunders & Kate Young

Fresh Blood

It Would Be Rude Not To by James Grant & Sam Davies, directed by James Grant & Kelisha Winn

No Bare Feet by Bronte Coates, directed by Tony Campbell

2006 Season

Rio Saki and Other Falling Debris

Directed by Phillip Stork

Easy Way Out

Directed by Daniel Stantangeli

Features of Blown Youth

Directed by Kat Henry

Fresh Blood

 Dirt by Anita Veness, directed by Jessamyn Keogh

The Dumbwaiter 

Directed by Mark Conaghan

2005 Season


Directed by Errol Bray, with Switchboard Arts & the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts


Directed by Nic Dorward

Attempts on her Life

Directed by Marcel Dorney with the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts


Directed by Bridget Boyle

2004 Season

Attempts on her Life

Directed by Marcel Dorney


Directed by Errol Bray


Directed by Steven Mitchell Wright


Directed by Bridget Boyle

2003 Season

Living on the Boundary

Directed by Kara Beavis

The Boys

Directed by Alison Caeiro

2002 Season


Featuring short plays by Kara Beavis, Tony Brockman, Marcel Dorney, Shari Irwin, Steve Martin, Glen Player, Guinevere Rose, Matthew Ryan & Maryanne Stewart, directed by Maryanne Stewart

The Adding Machine

Directed by Christopher Totten

2001 Season

If You Think The System's Working

Featuring short plays by Marcel Dorney, Robert Kronk, Kara Beavis, Shari Irwin & Rob Mullins, directed by Leticia Caceres

Much Ado About Nothing

Directed by Steve Martin

2000 Season

1999 Season

1998 Season

1997 Season

1996 Season