You had that idea that just wouldn't leave your head, so you started noting it down. Those notes turned from your scribbles and ramblings to something coherent, something with potential, and something you are proud of. Now that idea is a now a fully fledged script, or performance concept that just needs a platform. 

Vena Cava Productions' main aim is to provide our members with industry level experience and one of our favourite ways to do so is our entirely student run, Mainhouse Production. If you want your show to be produced with all the support Vena Cava provides to our Mainstage shows- actors, technicians, directors, venue, marketing, whatever you need to produce your vision- then this is your opportunity. 

Your will need to be largely developed before you apply – either with a completed script that just needs to be rehearsed, a concept than has been developed with performers and is ready to be staged, or a developed concept that requires only 4-6 weeks of devising.

Applications are due June 17th. Please email your completed applications to