16 Days Interview with
Chris Patton

What has the rehearsal period of ’16 Days…’ taught you the most?
I believe I personally have learnt such a greater understanding of the contexts Trans and Non-Binary people come from. I think people who see the show will also be able to gain better insight into these issues as well.

Can you tell us one of your most enjoyable experiences you’ve had along this journey so far?
I get to share an on-stage hug with another actor and it's one of the most raw and powerful moments I've ever experienced on stage as an actor. That moment will always be pertinent for me, I think.

Why should people come and see ’16 Days…’?
To learn. To understand. To listen to a story that is representative of so many stories that need to be heard right now.

Why do you think this play is important now?
There's never been a more topical time for a play like '16 Days…’ to exist. I think that the play adapts perfectly to current political and social climates to simply present a beautiful narrative that anyone with an open mind can understand and grow from hearing.

Why should people break out of their comfort zone and apply for a Vena Cava show in the future?
Theatre's the best artistic medium. Hands down. Sorry Interpretive dance, you're a close second buddy but theatre allows for the most raw, the most powerful and the most love-filled experiences, and Vena Cava is creating the most cutting edge grass-roots work you'll find this side of anywhere. ‘16 Days…’ is a perfect example of that. Great theatre with Great people. What more do you want?

16 Days on a Sterile Hospital Floor
at Festival of Australian Student Theatre

QACI Studio

61 Musk Ave, Kelvin Grove

Saturday 1st October | 4-5.25pm
Sunday 2nd October | 5.30-6.55pm