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Fusion is a workshop program run by Vena Cava Productions to provide hands-on learning opportunities in a wide range of creative fields related to theatre-making: from acting and directing to stage combat and special effects makeup! In 2014, we aim to host our largest Fusion series to date. We will be identifying a list of 12 creative fields and hosting 90 minute workshops in each. These workshops will be presented in groups of three per day, over four rounds spread throughout 2014.

Round 4: 11th October 2014

Fight Choreography and Performance with Niki-J Price 

Circus: Aerial and Ground Acro with C!RCA

Round 3: 23rd August 2014

Physical Theatre: Creating Physical Action with Robbie O’Brien 

Voice with Helen Howard

Puppetry: Visual Theatre Processes with The Dead Puppet Society 

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Fusion at the Fresh Blood Festival

Playwriting with Kathryn Marquet 

Dramaturgy with Kathryn Kelly 

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Round 2: 24th May 2014

Playthings: Playwriting with Maxine Mellor

Directing with Todd MacDonald

Creative Producing with Glyn Roberts 

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Round 1: 3rd May 2014 

Shakespearean Acting Skills with Thomas Larkin 

Audition Skills with Sean Mee

Contemporary Performance with Barbara Lowing