Fresh Blood Festival 2015

Event Closed

Cash Bar

There will be a cash bar at the event. We will have some wonderful beer from the Newstead Brewing Co., and Cider to quench your thirst!

Directions to the Woodward Theatre


This year we have 12 performances including feature length and short theatre performances, work-in-progress showings, dance, slam poetry, stand up comedy and cabaret! 

Feature Length Shows

A Writer's Block by Duncan Moir

It is easy to loose sight of the things that matter in our lives. It is easier still when nothing goes our way. That's what's happened to Aaron Rolkin, and now he'll pay the price. The question is, how high will that price be? And will it be those close to him, or those inside his head, who will collect what he owes? 

Departures by Zoe Shephard and Katelyn Panagiris 

Five strangers. One airport terminal. One indefinitely delayed flight.

As tensions rise, lives are dissected and held under the microscope of basic human instinct. When confronted with the inevitable, will these ordinary people stop and assess themselves and each other, or will this stopover zone become a purgatory?

DEPARTURES - a black comedy that presses the pause button on a world that never stops. 

The Moon Men by Esther Dougherty 

The Earth has been sentenced to death (does that include Morrissey? it does? thank god). In the fictional suburb of Taringa, Anthony and Winona are woken in the night by destiny. THE MOON MEN IS THE FINAL PIECE OF ART BEFORE WE RUN OUT OF ART FOREVER. DON'T MISS OUT!


They  all go into the Dark by Anna Doust

Where do we come from and where do we go when we die? Caleb never used to think about these sorts of questions. He never considered the existence of ghosts, or souls or even God. But then something happened that changed his life. And now he is searching for answers. 


Work in Progress Showings

In Spite of the Wreckage by Laura Sammon

Like any 7 year old, the Inventor loves exploring fantastic universes, saving princesses and fighting aliens with her robot. Her robot does not love the physical limitations it was carved with. Her robot does not love itself. In its quest to 'perfect' the wreckage of its creation, the robot 'worms' a hole for self-destructive forces to leak into their magical world. 

The Pagliacci Syndrome by Gabrielle Callaghan

The Pagliacci Syndrome is an immersive performance piece exploring the link between creativity and madness. Honest and confronting, the work aims to draw attention to the constant struggle performers experience trying to separate story from reality. 

The Nowhere Boy by Vittorio Yun

Set in present day Hong Kong, it is a bilingual performance in which Vittorio plays two characters from different nationalities. Based on his own experience and paralleled to the story of "The Ugly Duckling", this work in progress piece explores the obstacles that people with different cultures have with language. 

Seeds by Cinnamon Smith

Poo. We don’t like it. But Charlie Does. 

Charlie likes: her collection of seeds, her friends the chickens and her job on Miss Crisp's poo farm. 

Miss Crisp likes: her collection of dead flies, kicking chickens and being the boss of her poo farm. 

Festival Program

What is Fresh Blood? 

Fresh Blood Festival is an annual theatre and multidisciplinary arts festival curated by Vena Cava Productions, committed to giving students opportunities to showcase their independent creative works. This year we are looking to explore the theme of “The Future Perfect”. 

This year Vena Cava wants to take its annual Fresh Blood Festival on a journey to become something new and distinctive. The theme is The Future Perfect, which acts as a sort of metanarrative, hoping to encompass the smaller moments of theatrical resonance in each individual show and make them a part of something larger.

This year’s festival is about those big ideas, about all of our emerging artist’s potentials just as big, and about the journey we undertake to reach our own futures, whether or not they turn out to be perfect.

Ticket Options

Day Pass: $15 (Both Friday and Saturday)

Weekend Pass: $22 (Available for Members only)

Weekend Pass + Membership: $27

Fusion Workshop: Free with Day/Weekend Pass but MUST book into the session online OR $15 without Day/Weekend Pass.

Please Note: Day Passes will get you into any session on the day that you choose ONLY. Weekend passes will get you into every session over the weekend.


Fusion @ Fresh Blood Festival 2015

This years Freshblood festival will feature a Qlab workshop run by Vena Cava’s very own 2013 Artistic Director, Sam Boyd!

So if you’ve ever wondered exactly what this program IS and DOES, wanted to explore the realm of sound design, or just wanted to be able to easily manage sound for your own work THIS IS THE WORKSHOP FOR YOU!

When: 4:45-6:15pm 8th August

Where: Woodward Theatre

How: Buy a Freshblood Weekend Pass for $22 or Day Pass for 15 (and click attending to the Fusion event) OR buy a ticket to just the Fusion workshop for $15

PLEASE NOTE: In order to attend the QLab Workshop, you must book into the session, regardless of whether you have already bought Day/Weekend passes. 

Instructions for Fusion @ Fresh Blood Festival 2015

1. Book a Freshblood Day Pass/single Fusion ticket/session seat. 

2. Download the free version of Qlab to your Mac from here:

3. If you don’t have a Mac, find a friend to look on with during the workshop

4. Bring your Mac to the workshop

5. Learn, explore, create!”

Line-up poster

Short Plays 

Cellophane by Trent Werda

Three words describe Red Riding Hood: Cannibalism, Transvestism and Meals on Wheels. Cellophane can only be described with these three: Necrophillia, Transvestism and Sass. Look beyond the veil to find majesty and political incorrectness. 

Submerged by Felix Palmerson and Nadia Milford

Shower. A box of glass and tiles shuts the world out for a few precious moments. Here, the thoughts we've pushed aside demand to be heard - we cannot escape them, but we are also finally free to explore them. Truly alone, we become fully submerged in our own internal dialogue.

Last Drinks Before Dawn by Xander Shimmin-Clarke

A young man is throwing a 'last goodbyes' party before leaving the country indefinitely. The sun is rapidly approaching and the guests are heading home. He stands, takes the microphone and begins the real goodbyes. 'Last drinks before dawn' is an exploration of honesty in the context of drunkenness. It is an admission of guilt, a confession of love and an acknowledgement of wrongs that have gone unspoken for too long.

Hi, Can I Help You? by Sophie Banister

Meet your new best friend, Grace. She loves singing, meeting people and helping you find the perfect shoes. Place yourselves in her trustworthy hands for a retail experience with cheery customer service like no other.