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Festival of Australian Student Theatre Presents

Of Mirrors and Angels

By Vena Cava Productions

Director Chris Beckey
with cast and crew from Vena Cava Productions

“Do we truly need a true sex?”

Of Mirrors and Angels weaves together the memoirs of an intersexed person from nineteenth-century France, a short story by Honore de Balzac, and contemporary narrative to question our idea of gender.

Because there’s more to love than boy meets girl and there’s more to gender than male and female, masculine and feminine. But why does crossing theselines so often result in a price paid in blood? Are those who are neither male nor female monsters? Or are they angels?


2:15pm, Friday 2 October 2015 | QACI Theatre
5:35pm, Sunday 4 October | QACI Theatre

Duration: 80 minutes