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Brisbane (a doing word)

Written by Dave Burton

Directed by Steve Pirie

Matty, like all good Queensland 20-something uni students, doesn’t know what the hell to do with his life. He does stand up comedy, but no one laughs. He does contemporary theatre, but no one can see the point. He does slam poetry, but it’s not slammin’. His psychologist-in-training boyfriend suggests therapy. His Christian girl-bestie suggests Jesus. His engineering roommate Lara suggests he get a real job and start paying his dues. Matty’s starting to get desperate enough to try all three! 

For anyone who’s ever been confused about whether they love or hate their city, or themselves.


Patrick Hayes

Jack Harris

Maddie Little

Brooke Austen


Stage Manager: Ellen-Rose Sorensen

Technical Coordinator: Damian Tatum

Production Designer: Aleea Monsour


Girls on Film

Facilitated by Jennifer Bismire

Presented by Vena Cava Productions

Girls on Film is a 1920s black-and-white silent film, on-stage, with one major difference: the men have disappeared. Six archetypal characters, The Wide-Eyed Innocent, The Old Maid, The Vamp, The Heiress, The Independent One and The Housewife, are given the chance to become the three dimensional women that cultural-history denied. 


Daniella Mosca 

Danielle Yung

Kate O’Neill

Rebecca Moore

Sophie Gilori

Valentina Diaz-Byers 


Facilitator/Designer: Jennifer Bismire

Lighting Design: Tim Gawne

Sound Design: Michael Cullen

Thanks to previous creative contributors: Chrissie McPhee, Sarah Taylor, Joel Lago, Meaghan Donaldson & Ngaire Lock.

Every Time I Die I Talk To Bob

Created by Backyard Theatre Collective

Presented by Vena Cava Productions

When 15-year-old Poppy dies, she finds herself in an unfamiliar black room face-to-face with Death. Dressed in a 3-piece suit, with a gold pocket watch and shoes polished to a high shine Death, or as he prefers to be called Bob, offers Poppy the chance to be reborn. So begins her story of relationships, heartbreak and living in Brisbane (again). With dry charm and unexpected characters, Every Time I Die I Talk To Bob explores the value of love…by looking at it after death.


Lisa Davidson

Chelsea Hood Withey

Elliott Giarola


Writer & Director: Kristen Maloney

Stage Manager: Alana Dunn

Assistant Stage Manager: Lana Bellingham-Young

24 Hour Play Project

The 24 Hour Play Project returns to FAST 2014! Hosted by QUT's Vena Cava Productions, the 24HPP is the ultimate theatrical challenge. On Saturday 4th October, you will be given some creative stimulus, set, props and technical equipment to kickstart the project. Over the next 24 hours, you create an original 5-10 minute show.

How Does It Work?

1. Register for the 24HPP using the form below before 26 September 2014. You can enter as a new group, an existing company/collective, or go solo! FAST and Vena Cava Productions will be in touch, making sure we answer all your questions before FAST 2014!

2. The timer starts at 1pm, 4 October 2014! You will be provided with a list of stimulus material, as well as some set, props and technical equipment, to kickstart your creative process! You have the next 24 hours to create an original 5-10 minute show!

3. At 1pm, 5 October 2014, your time is up! You will present your show to a full audience at the La Boite Theatre Company's Roundhouse Theatre. Our friendly panel of judges will pick the 2014 Winners, the crowd will go wild and you will have completed the ultimate theatrical challenge.