a library for the end of the world 

Created by Sarah Winter

Produced with Anywhere Theatre Festival 


a library for the end of the world attempts to catalogue the memories of every person on Earth using cassette tapes, building a database that the audience can physically explore, listening to the recollections and contributing their own.

You will be met and guided to a secret location and then left to explore. It is a singular experience and you will be left to listen to the whispers of strangers crackling through the speakers.

In the Media

"To experience something and that connects and stays with you is rare, where it makes you pause for a moment and really feel something, but Vena Cava has created something so magical and powerful that restores any lost faith or hope in theatre as they bring one of the best theatre/art experiences to the streets of West End."

-Nicholas Robertson

"The library itself, once you find it, is an enchanting space. Its design hints at an outside-of-time otherworldliness — with the sensation that whoever works there may return at any moment"

-Zenobia Frost

"a library for the end of the world delves into how we see our unique story and ourselves... The solitary reflection of stepping out to mindfully observe each person walking by and each building surrounding you is calming. It shifts the tempo of living into stillness"

-Medhavie Mendis , Anywhere Theatre Festival 

“'a library for the end of the world' not only profoundly explores the fascination behind the familiar, but brings, if only for a little while, a sense of clarity, joy and tranquillity, that cannot help but resonate"

-Meredith Walker, Blue Curtains Brisbane



Wednesday 7th May, 2014

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Thursday 15th May, 2014

Friday 16th May, 2014

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Wednesday 21st May, 2014

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Saturday 24th May, 2014


A Secret Location, West End