2019 Executive Team

Meet our incredible team for the year!


Artistic Director - Stephanie Elliot


General Manager - Owen Green

Owen Green is the General Manager for Vena Cava 2019. His responsibilities include monitoring the company’s budgets, acquiring grants to fund operations and ensuring the company runs in a way which complies with all legal responsibilities. He is committed to fulfilling his responsibilities to the best of his ability, ensuring that Vena Cava Productions is financially sustainable, while still providing opportunities for practical theatre experience for students of all Faculties.

Owen is also a student, having completed a year of the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drama)/Bachelor of Business double degree and achieving a spot on the Business Dean’s Honour Board for semester 1. Going into 2019, he is to switch to the single Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drama) in order to focus more on the theatre industry.


Head of Admin - Ella O’Brien

Ella O’Brien is Vena Cava’s 2019 Head of Administration. Her job is to ensure Vena Cava runs smoothly through the power of paper; she looks after memberships and meeting minutes and the like. Apart from this, Ella is looking forward to helping out and learning as much as she can! 

Ella is going into her second year of a Bachelor of Creative Industries (majoring in Entertainment) and a Bachelor of Law at QUT. Ella is extremely excited to work with the rest of Vena Cava to make this year the best year yet!


Head of Marketing - Zoë Schramm

Zoë Schramm is the Head of Marketing for Vena Cava 2019. She is responsible for communicating with all Vena Cava members about upcoming shows, workshops or any other opportunity for young Brisbane artists. In 2019 she hopes to use Vena Cava’s platform to engage QUT students from all faculties and give them a way to contribute to Brisbane’s art scene and enable students to share their passion for theatre. 

Other than letting you know about Vena Cava’s next big event, Zoë is also a second year Batchelor of Fine Art (Drama) / Business student. She is also an emerging actor, director and writer for stage.


Head of Productions - Jessica Bone

Jessica Bone is Vena Cava’s Head of Productions for 2019. She is responsible for the technical requirements of each Main House Production for the year, whilst communicating with the production crew, cast and creatives.

Throughout the year she aims to provide opportunities to all students who have a passion and love for theatre through both performing on stage and with back stage roles. Jessica is in her final year of a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama and is interested in both performing and the back stage life of theatre.


Front of House Coordinator - Zachary Lawrence

Zachary Lawrence is Vena’s Cava’s Front of House and Events manager for 2019. In this role, he is looking forward to hosting fun and exciting events throughout the year. Over the past two years at Vena Cava he has worked on four mainhouse shows, where he has met many talented students and industry professionals.

In 2019, Zac is eager to help create a platform where Vena Cava members can express their creativity - no matter what form it takes. He will have a heap of volunteering opportunities on offer so keep an eye and ear out over the year.


Social Media Manager - Brooke Reilly

Brooke Reilly is the Social Media Manager for Vena Cava in 2019. Her role involves maintaining and updating all the social media streams for Vena Cava, from this website, to Facebook and Instagram, and even YouTube. Brooke’s goals for 2019 include upping engagement across all platforms, and getting some traction on more interactive social media platforms.

Brooke is a first year Drama student at QUT, but brings experience from studying Film, Television, and New Media, and from working with companies such as BuzzFeed. Brooke is particularly passionate about theatre and digital media, and is excited to work with Vena Cava in the intersection of those two passions.


Fresh Blood Coordinator - Tahlya Grennan

Tahlya Grennan is the Fresh Blood Festival Coordinator for Vena Cava 2019. As their role, they will be in charge of coordinating all aspects of the festival. They have been involved in Fresh Blood for the past two years, both as an artist in 2017, and as the Front of House Manager in 2018.

Outside of Vena Cava, Tahyla has done work with the Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble, and is in their final year of study. Tahlya hopes that with their experience, they are able to create the most fulfilling festival for both patrons and artists.


Fusion and Evolution Coordinator - Joshua Collins

Joshua Collins is the 2019 Fusion/Evolution Coordinator for Vena Cava. Josh will be responsible for the facilitation and origination of the industry workshop series for Vena Cava in 2019. Through his role, Josh aims to develop more opportunities for attendees to learn from experts in their field, and ultimately integrate themselves into Brisbane’s growing arts industry. 

Josh is currently a 2nd year Drama and Entertainment Industries student. He finds particular interest in stage acting, dancing and singing, as well as a passion for the planning and organisation of arts and festival events.


Second Year Ambassador - Ellie Kendall

Ellie Kendall is one of the second year ambassadors for 2019. She is responsible for sharing information released by Vena Cava to QUT students and assisting Vena Cava whenever needed. In 2019 Ellie hopes to connect with as many Vena Cava members as possible and learn as much as she can from all the other executives.

Ellie is currently studying her second year of a Bachelors degree in drama at QUT. She is an aspiring physical theatre performer with a passion for live performance and stage theatre.

Egan Sun Bin.jpg

Second Year Ambassador - Egan Sun-Bin

Egan Sun-Bin is the 2019 2nd Year Ambassador for Vena Cava. He is a Brisbane-based freelance director, actor, producer, teacher, and performance Maker. Egan is currently studying at QUT in a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting). Over his career, he has produced and performed in many productions with well-known companies such as Queensland Theatre, Shake & Stir, Vena Cava, and Shock Therapy Productions.

In 2019, Egan hopes to help Vena Cava cultivate creative practice and connections between members and the industry. Don’t worry if you’re not a member, Egan understands that theatre is for everyone, so don’t be afraid to come up to ask about where Vena Cava can take you.


Theatre Sports Coordinator - Joshua Francillon

Joshua Francillon is the 2019 Theatresports Coordinator for Vena Cava. Josh is responsible for organising and running the weekly Theatresports sessions. Moreover, he aims to increase attendance and have Theatresports and improv utilised more frequently at Vena Cava events. 

A former Business and Entertainment student, Josh is a third year QUT student who will begin studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts Film, TV and New Media degree this year. He also has main interests in sport, television and all forms of live entertainment.