2018 Season Program

Check out what we've got in store for the year ahead!


Mainhouse 1 - The ppl vs. @realDonaldTrump

Is @realDonaldTrump a manifestation of God’s vengeance or is he a political revolutionary? Harbinger of WWIII or visionary? The ppl vs. @realDonaldTrump is a comedic and thought-provoking examination of everyone’s favourite President.

We gave 13 writers a challenge – write a scene to go in a play called The ppl vs. @realD onaldTrump . None of them knew what the others were writing. These are their stories. In her directorial debut, QUT Fine Arts (Drama) student, Persephone Hitzke-Dean will navigate the complexity of ideas and opinions surrounding @realDonaldTrump with an ensemble of 12 dynamic student artists. Let’s talk about how @realDonaldTrump has affected people from all walks of life, all spheres of public relations, and how he has changed the international political environment.

Featured writers include; Alex Bayliss, Bryce Bofinger, David Burton, Emily Burton, Emma Workman, John Caswell, Kathryn Ash, Liz Christensen, Olivia Brand, Scotty Wings, Steve Pirie & William Hinz.


Mainhouse 2 - Baal

1918. 20 year old university student Bertolt Brecht pens his first play: BAAL. He hasn’t yet become one of the most important dramatists of our time, and is grappling to find his place in the world; this play is the most un-Brecht play he ever wrote. In response to soon-to-be-Nazi dramatist Hanns Johsts’ expressionist play The Loner , BAAL aims to explore a different and more dangerous take on what it means to be an artist.  To celebrate its 200 year anniversary, Vena Cava will forge new collaborations in a team lead by regional, independent theatre-maker and award winning director, Timothy Wynn. This production full of narcissism, nihilism and narcotics begs the question, ‘can we thrive without decay?’.