2018 Season Program

Check out what we've got in store for the year ahead!


Mainhouse 1 - The ppl vs. @realDonaldTrump

Is @realDonaldTrump a manifestation of God’s vengeance or is he a political revolutionary? Harbinger of WWIII or visionary? The ppl vs. @realDonaldTrump is a comedic and thought-provoking examination of everyone’s favourite President.

We gave 13 writers a challenge – write a scene to go in a play called The ppl vs. @realD onaldTrump . None of them knew what the others were writing. These are their stories. In her directorial debut, QUT Fine Arts (Drama) student, Persephone Hitzke-Dean will navigate the complexity of ideas and opinions surrounding @realDonaldTrump with an ensemble of 12 dynamic student artists. Let’s talk about how @realDonaldTrump has affected people from all walks of life, all spheres of public relations, and how he has changed the international political environment.

Featured writers include; Alex Bayliss, Bryce Bofinger, David Burton, Emily Burton, Emma Workman, John Caswell, Kathryn Ash, Liz Christensen, Olivia Brand, Scotty Wings, Steve Pirie & William Hinz.


Mainhouse 2 - Baal

1918. 20 year old university student Bertolt Brecht pens his first play: BAAL. He hasn’t yet become one of the most important dramatists of our time, and is grappling to find his place in the world; this play is the most un-Brecht play he ever wrote. In response to soon-to-be-Nazi dramatist Hanns Johsts’ expressionist play The Loner , BAAL aims to explore a different and more dangerous take on what it means to be an artist.  To celebrate its 200 year anniversary, Vena Cava will forge new collaborations in a team lead by regional, independent theatre-maker and award winning director, Timothy Wynn. This production full of narcissism, nihilism and narcotics begs the question, ‘can we thrive without decay?’.


Mainhouse 3 - Blackout

When the blackout happened, a lot of things went silent, and a lot of things got louder. Or maybe, the quiet things became easier to hear. Or maybe, we started imagining things. Or maybe, these things— these new noises—just started filling in the gaps where louder things used to be. We cannot be sure. If we’re honest, none of us can remember the past at all. But even those of us who never saw the sun still miss it. Blackout is a sonic experience directed by Tony Brumpton for Vena Cava Productions in 2018. The show, staged entirely in a dark room, will feature the works of an ensemble of new writers, performers, sonic and production artists as they craft a world that is never seen—one that can only be felt and imagined.