Welcome to the 2015 Season

An Introduction by the Artistic Director

They say Brisbane is a small place with only six degrees of separation. This is especially true within the creative industries.

I can trace back how I became involved with Vena Cava Productions to my first year at QUT. I kept saying how I wanted to do something with the student theatre company until eventually Teagan Moller, who is now our Head of Marketing, eventually sent me a link to an event and said "stop talking and just do it". There I met so many amazing people that were so passionate and focused about creating great theatre and providing opportunities for emerging artist. The team at Vena Cava were willing to take risks, push boundaries and explore new ideas; and it was ok if something didn’t work because this was the place we could learn.

It was the relationships I made early in Vena Cava that have shaped what I want to achieve artistically and, with only six degrees of separation, it is these same relationships which will help in my future career.

Vena Cava exists entirely for the benefit for those who create and consume its work, and it is our aim this year to provide as many opportunities to our members as possible. Whether this is in one of our Main House Production, Atrium, Fresh Blood Festival, Fusion Workshops or the long anticipated Vena Cava Ball. In 2015, I invite you to make new relationships or strengthen old ones within Vena Cava Productions.

Kristen Maloney

Artistic Director

Vena Cava Productions 2015