16 Days Interview: Finn

Why should people come and see 16 days…?
16 days... is an important work. So often in life we are told that our thoughts must aline with this narrow perception of what it means to process information and life. We are told to celebrate our differences but only inside what is consumable as part of modern narrative where what defines us must be are marketable tool to sell how good our life is to the rest of the world.

16 days... defies that tyrannical idea of what it means to be a part of the world. Jen's beautiful script talks about a very real experience in a way that isn't sexy or edgy. It's a beautifully honest work about the very real struggle of being a trans women in a society where that's only okay if you're female passing. It tactfully and truthfully explores our mental health system in all its failings and yet remains positive and sincere about the people who currently part of that system. I believe it's an incredible insight into our current mental health system and I have been very privileged to work along side Jen to help her vision come to a reality.

Can you tell us one of your most enjoyable experiences you’ve had along this journey so far?
I remember the first read we did of the script, with every single on of us there. It was quite an incredible feeling, particularly because I had read the script a number of times by then. It was the feeling of knowing the profound effect that all these people where about to have when they came into contact to these words. And afterwards when I ask the obligatory question of "so, do we have any thoughts" there was this ringing silence as everyone was digesting. It reminded me of how powerful our stories can be, and is an experience that has definitely served to remind me my purpose in this process. It's been a true pleasure to try and translate that feeling that I had when I first read the script to the cast and finally to an audience.

From a director’s standpoint, what has the rehearsal period taught you so far?
Honestly, that scheduling makes me want to cry.

Why should people break out of their comfort zone and apply for a Vena Cava show in the future?
There are almost no opportunities that you will get in you creative career where you will have the chance to simply create in an environment where you do not have financial risks. Vena Cava provides industry standard experiences, yet still provokes its member to be creative and experimental with their creativity. Student theatre should never be written off as poor quality. It is some of the most daring and honest work that exists in our sector and I am very proud to have helped to contribute to that. I would 100% advise people to get involved, because these experience have been formative in many ways to my professional career.

16 Days on a Sterile Hospital Floor
at Festival of Australian Student Theatre

QACI Studio

61 Musk Ave, Kelvin Grove

Saturday 1st October | 4-5.25pm
Sunday 2nd October | 5.30-6.55pm