16 Days Interview with
Bryce Bofinger

What has the rehearsal period of ’16 days…’ taught you the most?
Its taught me the importance of play: exploring in rehearsals and bringing something new. Its also taught me not to get bogged down in the psychological score, but rather let it wash over you, let it inform your choices but not Instruct them....also basic scenography👍

Can you tell us one of your most enjoyable experiences you’ve had along this journey so far?
Probably last Sunday, with our 2 full run-throughs. Just a great sense of things taking form, with a kick of anticipatory excitement...every pre-rehearsal groove has been pretty funky also.

Why should people come and see ’16 days?
Because the story is astounding. Because the story is true! Because the story is so genuinely and sincerely told. Because the meta-modernism is on fleek👌. Because it will make you laugh and cry and gasp. So if you're keen on doing any of these or all three then this is definitely for you. And finally, because it has something so so SO important to say, something everyone needs to hear.

Why do you think this play is important now?
It deals with two important issues which, when occasionally tackled in the arts and media, are all too often trivialised. ’16 Days…' offers a sincere and real insight into transgender issues, as well as how we perceive and deal with mental health issues. Moreover it delivers it with a real sense of humanity, which I feel will establish a truthful relationship and a sense of human feeling within the audience. Hopefully, this can create change and generate some understanding. Make people reconsider how they view and interact with others in everyday life as well as shape behaviours for the better.

Why should people break out of their comfort zone and apply for a Vena Cava show in the future?
A)    Because it’s a damn good time.
B)   You learn sooo much. Just having the opportunity to put what you learn into practice itself can teach you so much! Oodles more than just going about doing your lectures and doing your assessment.
C)   If a career in performing arts is what you're after, then why not do as much of it as you can? Get amongst it!
D)   You meet the hella nicest and most awesome funky folks

16 Days on a Sterile Hospital Floor
at Festival of Australian Student Theatre

QACI Studio

61 Musk Ave, Kelvin Grove

Saturday 1st October | 4-5.25pm
Sunday 2nd October | 5.30-6.55pm